Spiders on Their Webs Snack

My husband currently does pest control. While studying for his different licenses, he would read our daughter his training materials (yeah, I know. There's a chance we may win the Nerdiest Parents of the Year award, but she really did like them... even beg to have them read to her). She in particular loves spiders. So, last year, for a preschool meet up that I hosted, the kids learned about the letter S and the number 8 and ate these delicious little treats. I thought now was a good time to share them with you.

Spiders on Their Webs Snack

Jumbo Marshmallows
White Chocolate Chips
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Pretzel Sticks

Will also need: 
Wax paper
2 Microwavable bowls

1. Melt Semi Sweet Chocolate
2. Place Marshmallow on skewer, dip in chocolate.
3. Put 8 pretzel sticks into chocolate-marshmallow spider body so they look like legs and place on wax paper while chocolate sets.
4. Melt White Chocolate.
5. Lay pretzel sticks on wax paper in the shape of giant astericks and drizzle white chocolate over sticks so they look like webs.
6. For fast enjoyment place snack in freezer for 3 minutes so chocolate will set faster.
7. Enjoy!

This was the messiest part of this snack... adding the pretzel sticks to the mallow.
This part was a little tricky... the chocolate wanted to fall much thicker than the thin web I had envisioned... But it still turned out looking like a web.
You know their good when your ham of a daughter is too into her snack to want to pose for the camera.
These were so good! Is it okay if I confess to grabbing a left-over marshmallow, a handful of chocolate chips and some pretzel sticks and eating them together just about every time I walked through the kitchen for the weeks following this snack?? Yep. I so did.

Mallow, chocolate chips, pretzels... I think we are onto something good here. Makes me think of sweet and salty s'mores... oh yeah!

I'd love to know:
What treats do you make around Halloween for your family?

Happy Snacking :)


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Holy Week: "Searching Our Hearts"...For Kids!

Today for our preschool time, Addy and I talked about searching our hearts for things that we need to get rid of. See the previous post.

Since we are on the letter "E," an egg can be used to represent our heart (spiritually), and egg hunts are just downright fun, I made some things that I thought Addy could understand and recognize as things that we need to get out of our hearts and put them in the eggs.
That's the "Preschool Wall" in my Cabinet of Awesome. Click if you want to check out the whole cabinet. I love it!

I just wrote on a super official piece of white paper using an even more official purple crayon, and, of course, that purple crayon was in the hand of a master drawer.  You like my angry face? Ha! Since she's 3, I just came up with 4 things.

I cut them out, folded them up and place one in each egg.

I added an extra egg into our hunt. I wanted one egg to represent having Jesus in your heart. Since having Jesus in your heart is pretty sweet and candy is sweet, I put a candy in one egg.

I hid the eggs.

Addy went out and found them.

Then we gathered them up and talked about our findings.

Sometimes we get bad stuff in our hearts. We need help to not be mean, jealous... We need Jesus to come in and empty our hearts of the bad stuff. Jesus will live in our heart if we ask Him to.

We prayed and asked for help. Mommy prayed for help too.


I love teaching Addy about Jesus.

Searching for Spring

Today, armed with a camera, magnifying glass and sunglasses, Me and the kiddos headed to the park in search of spring.

Addy and I had a nice little discussion earlier in the morning over Google images about seasons. We talked about some signs that would indicate spring was here.

Let's go find spring!

 We found it in little tiny white flowers sprinkled across the grass...
In pink daisies...
 In red and purple lilies...
 In sun-kissed periwinkle...
And fully opened tulips. (Mom loves bulb flowers! Who wants to visit Daffodil Hill with me?!)

We found spring in snowy blossoms--the dead of winter unable to keep new life from springing forth.

Spring is in freshly dressed willow trees wearing the bright greens of this season.

Spring is reflected on the canvas of water. I stand in awe of God because creating the world and breathing new life into it every spring simply wasn't creative enough for God, He also decided to leave paintings of beauty on the water's reflection. And we dub Claude Monet the Father of Impressionist Art??

 We discovered the culprit to the "rat-ta-tat" sound in the trees.

We were hoping to see some baby wildlife, but we still saw evidence that love is in the air.

 Spring is in the shimmering gold-haired little girl beside the glistening waters,
In wildflowers amongst the not-yet-awakened vineyards,
And in the the intoxicating aroma of mustard-flowered fields (ah-choo! Just kidding...).

Spring is the beautiful days that require the windows rolled down and I discover how natural it is to stretch out hands in worship to the Lord... to delight in each day... "This is the day that the Lord has made...
...I will rejoice...
...and be glad in it!"

 I will take off my socks and let my toes feel the sunshine...
I will take my Claritin and forget that it's allergy season, forget that I have a million things to do, forget that yesterday I kept getting frustrated and yelling at a child who refused to listen, forget that I got a grand total of 4 and a 1/2 hours of sleep because a baby's gums were swollen with moving teeth... I will rejoice in the day! I will be child-like and my hair will be wind-blown! I will discover new life and new days!

Happy Spring to you!
Do take a day off to enjoy it!

Exploring Creation

I decided since I have been thinking about home-schooling as a serious option for my kids schooling and since I can't afford preschool anyways, why not try out home preschooling.

I keep it pretty simple. Two days a week and however long it takes between taking care of a baby and keeping my daughter's attention. Surprisingly it takes 1 hour if Jedidiah naps the whole time and Adelaide is captivated. We go over the calendar, pray and say something we want to ask Jesus for and something we are thankful for, go over a letter, go over a number, do some goofy songs/exercises, eat a snack, and do something extra (a shape, color, explore something...).

Yesterday we learned about the number 7. And since there are 7 days to the creation and it was a gorgeous day, I decided our "something extra" was learning about creation. I grabbed the kids, the camera, and the stroller and we headed to the local park. Addy's assignment was to find things that God made. I held the camera, she clicked the button. It was great fun.

I love those moments when you as a mom have what you think is a great idea, you try it out, and your kid loves it and gets what you were hoping they would out of it. In this case: God made everything, God made it good, and we can enjoy exploring what God made. Success!

God made Addy

God made "bebe brudder"

God made butterflies...

...and flowers...

...large rocks...

...and tiny ants (and since you can't see the ants, bark on trees)...


...huge trees that are great for looking at...

...and trees that are great for playing on...

...tiny little fishes

...and laugh-at-your-momma-while-she-freaks spiders...

...bugs that walk on water...

...and berries that your momma won't let you eat because they look dirty...

...more squirrels (because that is the most fascinating thing to my 3 year old)...

...and families of ducks (notice how they are swimming AWAY from us).

It was a super great time and a great way to do preschool yesterday, so I thought I would share.