Squeally Peels of Laughter

This little family had one big, full Easter weekend.

We remembered Christ's sacrifice by doing our own Seder dinner. Mike led himself and me in communion. We let Addy try the elements of the Seder. Her immediate and strong response to the tiniest taste of horseradish on her tongue was hilarious.

We dyed Easter eggs. Just the good old fashioned dyed eggs... with some jungle animal attachments.

We participated in the 3rd Annual Green Pickle Day. Every year at Christmas time someone hides a green pickle ornament on my parent's Christmas tree. Whoever finds the elusive pickle gets to decide where the family goes for a day trip. I found it this year. I picked the ocean.

I love Green Pickle Day. I look forward to it every year. It's the one day of the year, besides holidays, when my entire family gets together to do something. Now that most of us kids are grown, this is a rare and precious thing indeed.

This year, my grandma's visit from the Midwest happened to coincide with Green Pickle Day so she came along too. I love spending time with her and love that my kids got to spend time with her. We stopped at a park on the way to the beach for our picnic, complete with pickles of course. The beach was a gorgeous sunny and 70... we couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We finished the day off with some Betty's Burgers. Great day. Even better people.

Michael took Monday off of work. Okay, I actually told him he was taking it off (and he all too willingly complied). I just felt like we needed a normal family day. So, we slept in. I made breakfast: baked steel cut oats and eggs. (I will be sharing that one soon, it's too good not to.) We went to Costco for lunch and met up with Mike's parents. We dropped the groceries off and headed to the zoo. It's just a small zoo, but it was super close and super cheap to visit. Mom and Dad liked this easy, inexpensive family activity. Addy loved it!

Highlight of the day... well, actually of the whole weekend...
Addy wanted to ride her first roller coaster at the little fun town next to the zoo. I was hesitant. She was going without mom or dad. She was going with a random little girl she met. It was just a little roller coaster, but what if she got scared? What if she tried to climb out? What if it traumatized her and she never rides another coaster? Oh the mind of a mother! She got on that coaster, and immediately I heard her squeally peels of laughter ring through the entire park. Girlfriend had a blast! She was laughing so hard she even had the roller coaster operator laughing.

That's my girl. She loves life and embraces people. Her laughter is contagious. I love her!

Second favorite part: Upon using the last ticket and exiting her final ride, Addy tells the ride operator "I want to have my ticket back. Pllleeease."

Yeah. That's not quite how that works, Addy. But nice try. :)

Hope you had wonderful weekends as well.

Quiet Revery in Pictures and Kids

I needed some pictures to stick in some wondrously gaudy (no that doesn't have to be an oxymoron. Sometimes gaudy can be wonderful. At least I think so...) frames I bought for the top of my new cabinet in my dining room. I wanted some sepia toned prints. So I took the kids to the park...

But there was kids playing at the park, so Addy was not at all interest in taking pictures when there were friends to be made. Jed, well, he just wouldn't cooperate.

Still determined, I took the kids to the back balcony of our apartment and decided to try taking some candid shots there. I tried shooting in manual. I have been trying it since my friend posted this tutorial on pinterest. I never really understood what ISO and shutter speed meant. This blog helped me. Thank you friend (also for your inspiration... you have been taking such gorgeous pictures!) and thank you blog! Still have so much to learn, but kind of fun learning all that my little digital camera is capable of doing.

I love looking at pictures that so encapsulate my kids personalities. They make me happy, no even deeper than that... they make me joyful. They remind me what a blessed momma I am.
They remind me what it's like to be child-like. The world is full and beautiful and unexplored. God gives good gifts.
Like Addy's smile. Like her daring little person that welcomes people with open arms.
The slightly serious little brother whose smiles must be won, but, oh, are they worth it!
 Good gifts like neck squeezes by little arms that can't quite make it around your shoulders.
 Like off-key, mis-worded singing by a three-year old: "Yeah, JesUS loves ME..."

Like scrunchy nose baby smiles that look as though joy cannot be contained in just the mouth's smile but must also be let out of one's nose.
Like dancing eyes that truly say what even an 8 month old is thinking.
This one ended up being my favorite. Doesn't it seem to need a "Hey Mom"caption? Something like "Hey mom. You know that quiet time of awesome revelry before God. Yeah, you should do that." Either that or "Hey Mom. See those boogers up there. Stop picking at them." ha ha!! Am I the only one that catches herself constantly picking at her kids cruddy faces and misplaced hairs much to their annoyance?!
Like the sound of quiet in the rare moment the kids are sleeping at the same time and I can pause and take God's beauty in.

Life is so good.

Why do I always forget to pause and reflect on God's goodness?

I need to do that.

Way more often!

By the way, I have been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. That book totally inspired this post's gratitude for beauty. It's a really REALLY good read.



I am the proud owner of my own small piece of property on the world wide web. www.the-cadence.com

I am excited! Be excited with me!

Same Blog. Different Name and URL.

I have been wanting to change the name. I liked the old name, but I was feeling the need for a little more anonymity. You can still use my old URL to find me for now.

Some things to look forward to in the future:
  • A Logo and Prettier Blog Page
  • A Facebook page and Twitter account
  • A Series on Love
And just for my family and friends:
I could look at this face all day. The Jed-man loves to bounce, loves to stand (holding on to something), and has shown no interest in crawling... though he has gotten good at scooting while on his back. I think we may have an early walker/late crawler.
Addy is better adjusted to big sister life now that Jed responds more to her. So fun to watch them play!
Addy's growing WAY TOO FAST.
Watching Dad's favorite team win the playoff game. They are headed to the NFC Championship game! Maybe even the Superbowl.
Dad's First Day of School :)

Some Updates before Christmas


Since most of my family, save but maybe those down under, has gotten my Christmas cards, here are our family pictures:
 The men are a wee bit serious...
 And the girls are a wee bit silly...
Very appropriate!

I got my ear warmers for Kerrington's Christmas completed! This makes me happy. My friend is headed out tonight to give homeless the gift of warmth... praying they feel the warmth not only from the keep-you-warm items like gloves, hats and scarfs, but also in their hearts by the love of all who donated and/or are spending their time tonight handing gifts out. A big "thank you" and "good job" to all the real warmth-givers everywhere!

Some pictures:

 The purple rose seemed special and pretty, so I gave this one to my friend. She needs one too! :)
 I put 2 buttons on these ones so that they could be adjustable.
Can you guess my favorite? The giant yellow double bow! I have been in love with it since I first saw it on deliacreates. Didn't think yellow could work with my white skin tone, but I think it does. Score! I feel like you can help but smile when you see this (if from nothing else, then from the sheer audacity it takes to wear a giant yellow bow atop one's head). I like making people smile.
Guess who has her fingers crossed for enough time to make one for herself for Christmas? Hey, I need a Christmas gift too! Ha!

My son is officially a sitter.
Isn't my son a looker?! I so LOVE my little man. By the way, "I am the walrus. CooCooKaChoo" That caricature of a walrus on his one piece makes me sing that song every time. Your welcome for getting that one stuck in your head. Ha!

And hopefully most obviously,
It's almost Christmas! Yay! I will see you after the holiday.
Wishing you a seriously wonderful Christmas!

Just an update: Christmas Pictures and "Awe" Moments

Just a little update:

Here's a picture from our family photo shoot. It's not the picture that's going on our Christmas card. I don't want to spoil the moment of "awe" that I at least have when I open my Christmas cards this season with family pictures of my friends and family attached to them. I do not have that moment when I have already seen the picture on their facebook or blog; I just don't. Since not many "awe" moments happen in life once you reach a certain again, I guess I just want my "awe" moment. (Okay I am not anything to "awe" over but I happen to think my kids are.)

I am super proud of the homemade ties and hair pieces, though by this point in taking the pictures Addy's hair piece had been taken off. (Not by me, by her! Good thing Jed's too little to get his tie off...) Fortunately we got some good ones beforehand for the Christmas cards!