DIY Leg Warmers: My New Favorite Baby Item

It's really quite simple why I like leg warmers. Sure they can be cute, and as a child who was made in the early 80's, I love a good 80's throw back in fashion. Cute isn't what does it for me though. I love leg warmers because when I go to change Jed's diaper, I do not have to pull down a pair of pants, I do not have to unsnap a onesie, I just change that diaper. That's it. I like leg warmers because they make my life a little simpler. For me, diaper changing, well, sucks and anything that makes that process a little less painless; I am SO trying it. If you are with me on this, TRY leg warmers.

And, as an added bonus, Babies can't kick their socks off! Am I the only one who after having a baby for 4 months has a total of 6 socks without a match?! (And mind you, I had a summer baby. He rarely wore socks for his first 3 months).

Also great because, if you happen to CD, you have probably noticed how difficult it is to get pants over that diaper rump. I have to get pants and onesies a full size up to get them to fit... or I could just use leg warmers. Oh, Leg Warmers, how I love you!

I first gave Leg Warmers a whirl when it came time to order some more diaper covers.  I found these at, and they had them in colors that matched my new Flip covers. I bought a pair in blue.

I bought a pair in green. These ones are my favorite. (Don't you just love how his face seems to say, "Seriously, Mom?!" Yep, I am so serious right now, Jed. And I happen to think you look cute. And you really can't do much about it for the time being. So there! HA!)
However, Diaper Junction only had two different kinds for boys, and they cost $11.98 a piece. A fine splurge for a one time deal, but I definitely cannot afford to stock his wardrobe at this price. A friend suggested looking on pinterest for how to turn knee-high socks into leg-warmers... thank you Friend!

The site who's tutorial I followed is here. I don't even think I hardly read the instructions, not a matter of being rude; this project is just really, REALLY easy. Hooray, for easy projects! (And, no, I won't take offense if you too just look at the pictures and set off without reading my instructions. Go for it!)

Step 1: Buy Adult Knee High Socks. I found mine at Walmart. I got a 3-pack of boring, but easily matched browns for Jed for $5.27. I bought a pair for Addy (can't exclude big sister after all) for $2.50. I decided to cross my fingers and hope I had matching thread at home. I did!

Step 2: Cut off the "feet" of the socks.
Step 3: Turn inside out.
Step 4: Fold the end you just cut once and then twice. Pin into place.
Step 5: It's time to sew! I placed a zig-zag stitch 1/4" from the top. By the way, I put a picture of my sewing machine so you could see what I use. I love my machine. It was inexpensive. It's very basic; there are no extra "doo-hickies" as my mom would say. It is super easy to thread and set up the bobbin (and if you don't know what that means, but want to learn to sew, this is the kind of machine you want). My mom is in possession of my dear late Granny's Brother. I LOVE that thing. It's like the Cadillac of sewing machines (and it's expensive to buy just like a Cadillac). So smooth and there's even a button that pushes your thread through the hole of the sewing needle. Brilliant! So If I take on a large and complicated project, I borrow the Brother. If I am doing basic stitches, I stick with my tried and true White sewing machine.

This is a great project for sewing beginners. It's EASY! Only bit of complication comes from the small opening of the sock. You have to keep the sock opening separated so your sock doesn't get sewn together. Notice my ring finger is keeping the other side of the sock away from the stitch while the rest of my fingers are working to keep my stitch straight.

Here's the kiddos sporting the new leg warmers:

Warms their legs. Warms my heart to see them in something I made. Super cheap. Super Easy. Super Practical. Leg Warmers.

I think I shall be running through the sock section every time I am in the store from now on searching for some fun leg-warmer opportunities.

Because not everything is perfect in a crafting world... My notes from the project:
  • I am a SLOW sew-er (not sure if that's a word, but I surely don't want it confused with the word sewer. Those are nasty. Ha!). One pair took me 15 minutes. That time includes the time it took to make a bobbin and thread the bobbin and the thread. After that, it took 5 to 10 minutes a pair. EASY!
  • I wish Addy's fit just a tad bit looser so they looked more 80's-esque. In retrospect, I think I put them up a tad too high for my pictures.
  • I had to put Jed's back on 2x's in one full day of wearing them after he managed to kick one leg off. I suppose he has fairly skinny baby legs, and when they are on he can't kick his socks off; so only a minor irritation. After about 10 uses, I still haven't had one incident with the ready-made store bought leg-warmers.
  • My homemade ones should last Jed as pant-substitutes till he's one year by my estimations. After that, I am thinking his legs will be too long for the warmer to go the full length of his leg. I am pretty sure the store bought ones will last till he's around 2.
  • I really want a pair of cow print ones for my son! Let me know if you see some!