...The First Giveaway!

It is time for this blog's first ever giveaway. Yeah-YA!


 (by the way the book isn't closed because my small children will not allow a book cover to stay on a book... even library books. Yeah. We are so that family. It's like they came with hardbound-and-covered book radar. They find it and immediately the cover is thrown off. Anyone else have this problem?!)

-Since I love getting handmade gifts, and the mere act of pausing, being grateful and scrawling it all down throughout my day has changed my life, I am giving away a JOY! Journal. (Do read the post that preceeds this one. The journal is important. Not this one, just the act of journaling. I might even inspire you to do it!)
-Since I refer back to it so much, I am giving away a copy of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.
-Since perhaps you need an excuse to get out the house, have some extra peace, and some time to really "see" (or maybe even some "friend" time), I am giving away a $10 Starbucks card.

I am excited! EXCITED! I have been wanting to do a giveaway since... well even before the birth of this blog. Giving things away is fun! Maybe it seems silly to give away a book, a journal, and a coffee card... but what if said book has some super encouraging words on life, delves into some deep unanswered questions for God that you may have, and offers some simple tips on how to live that leave you changed in the best way? What if writing your gifts in a journal I made just for you adds to the joy in the process? And coffee? Yeah, I don't think I have to explain that one to you... :)

{If you already have the book, consider still entering so you can give the book away. Like I said, giving things away is fun!}

By the way, Ann Voskamp and Zondervan have NO CLUE who I am. And Starbucks definitely doesn't (well besides my local baristas...). I am just a girl who wants to sow into your life some encouraging words. This may grow the blog (cool!) but even more exciting is act of giving something away.

By the way, I am not necessarily intentionally promoting Starbucks. I picked it simply because it's almost everywhere, and even if it isn't where you live, it is hopefully in a city you visit when you do your "big" shopping. (Side note: If you need an inexpensive way to drink your coffee cold and deliciously this summer... have you checked out The Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee? I make it more user-friendly here... or more "Amanda" friendly anyways.)

Also by the way, I am not promoting these journals. I have no Etsy shop and no journal making business. I am just gal who likes to writes, who wants to live a full life, and loves to give and receive homemade gifts. However, though  I may not be promoting this particular journal, I am definitely promoting the great gift search. Do start pausing every now and again to see and record the gifts you've been given whether in a camera lens, a journal, or however else you can think of living grace-FULL.

Alright. Now for the Giveaway...

To Enter:

1. Subscribe to the blog (however suits you best: by email, by the RSS feed, or Google Friends Connect... all located at the top right hand corner of this blog)
2. Answer this question in the comments: What is one detail from your day thus far that you are grateful for? (Anything: Snuggle from your baby, sun shining through the window making the carpet warm, the way the stack of dishes reminds you that you are blessed with abundance...)

Additional Entries:

1. Like my page on Facebook. Leave a comment below letting me know your following me on facebook.
2. Tweet or Post on Facebook about the giveaway (with a link to this post included in tweet or post). Leave a comment below letting me know you tweeted or posted. (Each time is worth one entry... up to 3 entries allowed this way)

I will use your email address to contact you if you won (and that's all I will use your email address for!) Do make sure I have it. (Some comments get left by "no reply" users. I can't email you or see your email address. You can change this setting or you can just leave your email address in the comments with spaces and spelled out: [amanda at gmail dot com] for example.)

This is open to friends, family, new blog friends, and people just passing through.

Giveaway will end Sunday, June 17th, 2012, at Midnight. Winner will be announced Monday, June 18, 2012. I will be using random.org to come up with winner.


This Giveaway is now CLOSED. 
Thank you to all who participated.