I have walked through five miscarriages. It's not the story I asked for or ever wanted (would anyone?), but it's the story God gave me. If I could share a word of encouragement, it would be this: Dear sister, you aren't alone. Not just because there are others who have walked this path, but because there is a God who loves you dearly who will walk with you, even if your faith looks shaky at best. I can't tell you what God will make out of the ashes of your dreams, but I can tell you that we serve the God of resurrection, and there is just so much hope in that. 

You can find more of my story and what I have learned through loss in the posts below.

P.S. If you need someone to share your story with or someone to pray with you, I would be so honored. You may email me at amandaconquers at gmail dot com or use the form on my contact me page.